Inclusive Education

Special education is offered in inclusive settings. Students with mild, moderate, and severe special needs are served in the regular classroom. Individualized Program Plans (IPPs) are established for these students with input from parents, professional staff, and students. Students may have access to individual or small group instruction with our special education teacher. Special needs students may have access to an educational assistant, depending upon the level of need. Interventions will be detailed in the student’s IPP. 

Integrated Special Education

Students with identified special needs may have access to  educational assistant time throughout their day as per their specific needs. Students with special needs may also access speech therapy, occupational therapy and/or other special interventions. Students requiring long-term interventions will have their needs identified within their IPP (Individualized Program Plan).  

Speech & Language Therapy

Aberta Health Services provides speech and language therapy on a priority basis. The homeroom teacher and/or their parents must refer students. Should you have questions about any programs or resources for students, please speak to your child’s teacher.

If you have a child who will be attending Brookwood School next year, and you would like to arrange for a tour of our school, please give our office a call to make arrangements for a visit (780-962-3942). We would be happy to show you our school and speak with you about our programs.