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Located in the heart of Spruce Grove, Brookwood School serves over 500 students from Kindergarten to Grade 4. Designed in 1970 as an open-area school, Brookwood School promotes a friendly and caring learning environment, where a high level of cooperation is nurtured amongst students and staff. Brookwood School is a dual-track school: we have a mainstream K-4 Program, as well as a K-4 PSD Christian Program. We are also home to one Early Education classroom.




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Striving to be the best we can be.

Unique Features of Our School

  • Staff and parents of Brookwood are committed to working together as a Professional Learning Community, implementing a culture of “sustained school improvement efforts”. The collaborative team embraces the fundamental purpose of school, which is “learning for all students”.  
  • Brookwood is designed as an open concept facility. The result is an inviting culture which promotes teamwork by students, staff and parent volunteers.
  • Brookwood staff works hard to offer many program opportunities for our children. These include curricular, extracurricular and citizenship development programs.

  • Brookwood is home to two Early Education classrooms. This program provides extensive play-based learning enriched with specialized supports to young children identified as having a severe delay or diagnosis, as well as children with mild to moderate delays in their pre-kindergarten year.
  • Brookwood has an active group of parent volunteers averaging about 5000 hours per year in volunteer time to the school. Our School Council actively promotes a number of programs to support the students of Brookwood and their learning, including Hot Lunch, Cultural Events and so on.
  • We are a leader in the area of technology. Teachers actively engage students in technology projects, which offer many opportunities for students to engage in a variety of technology projects using computers, SMART Boards and other technologies.

How We Define Student Success

At Brookwood, our primary purpose is to provide quality learning opportunities to enhance the growth and potential of each child. When we see students developing competence and confidence, we are proud of their successes. In general, we define student success as growth and learning. More specifically, we look to see if students are meeting grade level curriculum expectations, as well as displaying qualities of good citizenship.

What Makes Us Proud

Brookwood students consistently attain high achievement results and are accomplished in many areas including music, technology, sports and the arts. Staff continue to collaborate using current educational research and school-based data as a way to inform practice. 

Both in and out of school, students are well behaved and show respect for their peers, teachers, parents and visitors from the community. The warm and caring atmosphere at the school is established through consistent high expectations of the staff and the way parents and staff students collaborate to ensure that our students succeed.

What Makes Our School "Good"

We know our school is good when we see a high level of engagement in the learning process by students and a high level of involvement by our parents. The collaborative work that is undertaken by staff and parents to ensure students have the most enabling learning opportunities and support has been a huge part of our work. 

Our school has a wonderful atmosphere and staff members regularly receive positive feedback from alumni, visitors and community members. Our students are tremendous citizens and ambassadors of the Brookwood School Community. Staff members regularly receive positive feedback from visitors, field trip facilitators and members of the community. 

Brookwood is a "Nut-Aware" School

Medical Danger - Severe Allergic Reactions

Some of our students have life-threatening allergies to nuts. The only way to ensure a safe environment for these children is to make our school Nut-Aware. To do this we need everyone's cooperation. 

Please check the ingredients of all foods your children bring to school. Coconut is not a nut and does not pose any risk. 

In a classroom setting, cross-contamination is one of the greatest risks for someone with this type of allergy. Cross-contamination is when a few crumbs from one child's snack are dropped and then touched by an allergic child. Even a small amount can cause a reaction or even kill. 

It is difficult at the best of times to get children to eat healthy snacks, however, we hope you will appreciate the seriousness of this condition and that you will assist us at the school in our efforts to create as safe an environment as possible. With your cooperation we can minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.