Get Involved

We welcome and appreciate every volunteer! If you are interested in: new friends, new skills, the joy of serving others, and an opportunity to learn more about your school and community, please consider joining our team. Volunteer involvement forms will be distributed to every family.  

The goals of our Volunteer Program are: 

  1. To enlist and strengthen the co-operation of parents in the education of their children.
  2. To provide volunteer help to the staff to better meet the needs of individual children.
  3. To develop an environment that encourages friendly two-way communication between home and school. 

The scheduling of parent and community volunteers at Brookwood School is facilitated by administration and by the individual classroom teachers. Parent and community volunteers are an integral part of Brookwood School. 

How to Become a Volunteer

As part of Parkland School Division Administrative Procedure 316, all volunteers are required to:

  • Complete a Volunteer Registration Form
  • Provide a Criminal Records Check
  • Provide a Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Sign a Confidentiality Agreement

Parent Volunteer Guidelines

Field Trips

  • Parents can only be assigned as volunteer supervisors if they plan to supervise on their own. This means that they will not be able to bring younger children along with them. If they are supervising students as a volunteer, it is imperative that their attention is on the children they have been assigned to supervise, and that they are not distracted by any younger children they have brought with them.
  • Parents are not permitted to ride the bus (even as non-volunteers) if they have a younger child with them. Only parent volunteer supervisors are permitted to ride the bus.
  • Parents may be permitted, at the full discretion of the classroom teacher, to bring younger children if they drive themselves to the location of a field trip. However, if they have a younger child with them, they cannot be assigned as a volunteer student supervisor once they reach the field trip location.
  • There are field trips at some grade levels that have limited participant capacity, and, as a result, parents may not be invited to attend these trips, even if they drive.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Parents may volunteer in classrooms, but will only be permitted to bring younger children with them at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Some teachers make selective decisions regarding parent volunteers and the appropriateness of the environment for their younger children.
  • If volunteers are working with students (e.g. helping with Library, Activity Days or Hands-on-Science), theiy must stay focused on their volunteer tasks. Exceptions to the rule include non-student related activities, such as Tel-A-Pal, Book Fair and Hot Lunch.

Please review the Division Administrative Procedures regarding volunteers. 

For more information contact:
Brookwood School
Phone: 780-962-3942