Code of Conduct

Brookwood School’s Student Code of Conduct

Our Student Code of Conduct exists to ensure that each student and staff member has access to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. The Code of Conduct ensures that our school promotes a culture of wellness that: 

  • Establishes and maintains a welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe learning environment for all students, staff, families and the greater community;
  • Establishes and maintains an appropriate balance between individual and collective rights, freedoms, and responsibilities in the school community;
  • Establishes expectations for student behavior while at school, at a school-related activity, or while engaging in an activity at any time that may have an impact on others in the school; and
  • Ensures that healthy environments exist in our school that are free from fear, discrimination and harassment while promoting inclusive strategies to ensure that every student is treated with respect and dignity.

    Parkland School Division is a place where exploration, creativity and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams.

Brookwood Code

All students at Brookwood School will be made aware of our Student Behavior and Conduct procedures and practices, as well as our Brookwood Code.

I will always think of the other person.

Before I say or do something, I will ask myself:

  • Will this be helpful?
  • Will this be hurtful?

Be a special person… do the right thing!


The following commitments are essential to a successful school program and purposeful life:

  • To ensure the physical and emotional well-being of students to the best of our ability
  • To listen to and address, as immediately as is possible, concerns expressed by students and parents
  • To be vigilant in the school, on the playground and on the bus in identifying expected and unexpected behaviour
  • To extinguish unexpected behaviour by:
    • Helping students understand what the expected behaviours are
    • Teaching students ways to resolve issues that arise from unexpected behaviours
    • Tracking and monitoring situations as they arise from unexpected behaviours
  • To help students learn strategies for resolving personal conflicts and understand when it is necessary to involve supervisors, teachers or the administration of the school
  • To inform parents, as is necessary, regarding any noteworthy unexpected behaviour

At Brookwood School, we are about learning: both academic as well as social and emotional learning. Students need opportunities to grow and to develop skills in all areas, and our job is to assist them on their journey to becoming good citizens and contributors to the community that is Brookwood School.     

In keeping with a commitment to the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in Parkland School Division everyone is accepted and experiences a sense of belonging. The Division supports the endeavors of staff, students, parents and the community to promote positive student behavior and conduct throughout our community of schools.

Parkland School Division has a responsibility to ensure that each student enrolled in a school operated by the Board and each staff member employed by the Board is provided with a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging.

All stakeholders in the success and well-being of students, and especially the students themselves, are expected to recognize their responsibilities in developing student self-discipline within a culture of wellness. Staff members and students will not be discriminated against as provided for in the Alberta Human Rights Act or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

School Rules and Conduct

Brookwood School’s rules are based on the belief that all students have the right to learn, to be safe and to be secure. With this in mind, we have established the following rules.

Student Conduct - Outside the School

Play Area - The Kindergarten and Grade 1 playground is located at the north side of the school. The Grade 2-4 playground is located on the south side of the school.

Not Allowed - Students are discouraged from climbing or swinging on equipment not specifically designed for such use.

Students shall not climb or swing on:

  • Soccer posts
  • Back stops
  • Hockey rink fencing
  • Electric box
  • Garbage cans
  • Bikes

Students shall not throw rocks, lumps of dirt, sand or snowballs.

Bicycles - All bicycles and scooters must be walked on the school grounds. Students are to play away from the bicycle racks.

Out-of-Bounds - Students in Grades K-4 are not to be in the front of the school or parking lot.

Outside Play - Students are to play outdoors unless it is an “inside day” or unless they have permission from their teacher.

Safety - Students are to play safely in their designated areas.

Rollerblades & Skateboards - Rollerblades and skateboards may be used to travel to and from school only. Students should be wearing helmets.

Fighting - Fighting is strictly forbidden.

Helmets - Helmets are required for Physical Education activities such as skiing and skating.

Student Conduct - Inside the School

Inclement Weather - In the morning, supervision teachers may permit students to enter the building before the bell during inclement weather. Students will wait quietly in their assigned boot room until an announcement at 8:15am indicating that they can proceed to their classrooms to play quietly. Staff on supervision at that time will supervise the students by walking around the circle.

Should inclement weather prohibit playing outside, an announcement will be made declaring it an “in day” and children are to play quietly in their classrooms. This would likely happen only on very cold or very wet days. In this case, the outside supervisors will monitor the hallways inside the school. For safety reasons, activities staff deem dangerous will be disallowed.

“In” and “Out” signs will be posted on the outside doors indicating to students whether it is an indoor or outdoor recess.

Washrooms - Before school, during recess and at noon, Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2 students use the washrooms with red doors, and Grades 3 & 4 are to use the washrooms by the yellow door. Students must have the supervisors’ permission to use the washroom. At the time permission is given, the supervisor will open the door to allow the student access to the washroom. Students must remove muddy footwear at the doors.

Outdoor Clothing - Students should not wear outdoor clothing (e.g. hats, jackets, etc.) in school. It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure their students are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Footwear - Students must wear footwear in school at all times. Students are to remove their outside shoes and put on inside shoes when entering the school.

Hallway Conduct - Students shall walk, not run, in the hallways.

Respect for Adults - Students shall extend the respect they show their homeroom teachers to all other adults.

Gum/Seeds/Noodles - Students shall refrain from chewing gum or eating sunflower seeds or dry noodles in school.

Dismissal - Students must go directly home after school. At the end of the school day, students are to leave the building by 3:15pm at the latest, and, unless are asked by their parents to do otherwise, are to go straight home. Students remaining after school must have their teacher’s and parent’s permission to do so.

Telephone - Students may use the telephone only if the teacher deems it necessary and provides written permission.

Dress - Although no formal dress code exists, it is expected that the students will dress neatly and refrain from wearing inappropriate clothing (e.g. offensive t-shirts, etc.).

Doors - Students are expected to use their designated doors.

For more information on Brookwood School's policies, please see our School Handbook.

Parkland School Division's Code of Conduct

In Parkland School Division, all members of our school community are expected to promote and demonstrate respect, civility and responsible citizenship.

With these goals in mind, everyone must:

  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity.
  • Respect differences in people, their ideas and their opinions.
  • Acknowledge the right of everyone to be treated with dignity, at all times.
  • Take appropriate measures to help those in need.
  • Use non-violent means to resolve conflict.
  • Honour the role(s) of persons in positions of authority.
  • Show care and regard for school property and the property of others.
  • Comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws.

We are all models for the kinds of citizens we desire to be. We teach and learn by example.

The Division’s expectations for conduct are outlined in the following documents: