Brookwood School Association

Brookwood School Association is the fundraising arm of the School Council. We are pleased to have a very active and supportive fundraising association. 

Brookwood School Association meetings are typically held on the fourth Monday of the month, following the School Council meeting.

Brookwood School Association's purposes are: 

  • To identify and manage fundraising activities for the school year
  • To provide a formalized structure in order to assist the school with the purchase of products and services for school use

School Association Roles

President - Tyneal Johnson
This person is responsible for running the monthly meetings. They set the agenda, distribute correspondence, and work with the Principal and Assistant Principal to make decisions about where the fundraising dollars will go.

Vice President - Brad McPherson
This position is to run the meetings if the President is unable to attend. 

Secretary - Nadine Horner
This position includes the taking and distribution of the minutes for all meetings, as well as filing any correspondence.

Treasurer - Lisa Huffman
This position is responsible for maintaining the accounting.

Hot Lunch Coordinator - Angela Kerr; - Amber Ballerman
The hot lunch coordinator is responsible for setting hot lunch days in coordination with administration. This person decides on what was being served for hot lunch and ensures everything was at the school for the hot lunch day. They are also responsible for coordinating a volunteer schedule.

Club Moo Coordinator - Susan Fisher
This coordinator organizes the milk program and is responsible for preparing notices to families, order forms and milk tickets. They follow the “Club Moo” program with Alberta Milk. The coordinator places the milk order and checks it when it arrives. They also ensure a volunteer schedule is in place for delivery of milk to the students.